Maurer Söhne


"forces in motion" are the core competence of the Maurer Söhne Group. The origins of the company are in steel construction. Our products and expertise in such diverse areas as seismic protection, bridge bearings and expansion joints, chimney stacks and roller coasters are in great demand around the world.

Maurer Söhne develops and manufactures in-house and is a technology world leader in its specialist fields.

Structural Protection Systems

The Maurer Group's largest division works to protect building structures against damage caused by forces in motion such as earthquakes, traffic or weather. Our most important products are elements that transfer loads or convert energy, e.g.:

  • expansion joints
  • structural bearings
  • seismic devices
  • vibration absorbers

Additional safety is ensured by force and movement monitoring.

Transport & Rides

Roller coasters - from the initial idea to the commissioned ride – are the prominent flagship products of the Transport & Rides division. "forces in motion" are harnessed to provide recreational fun, but our expertise is also used in other products:

  • amusement rides
  • passenger transport systems
  • guideways for transport systems

Constructional Steelwork

Our core competence here includes the planning and manufacture of

  • special structures
  • tower-like structures
  • steel chimney stacks.

In-house innovation and production

In all three divisions, Maurer Söhne develops innovative products and specialises in the manufacture of customised solutions all the way through to on-site installation and commissioning. The basis for this is provided by our decades of experience, our broad spectrum of competences and the close interaction between development and production.

Maurer Söhne was founded in Munich in 1876. In 2013 around 900 employees worldwide generated sales of 150 million euros. The company’s headquarters and main production site are located in Munich, and there is a branch office in Lünen near Dortmund and a factory in Bernsdorf near Dresden. The company operates its own production facilities in Turkey, China and India and has a network of subsidiaries and representatives in a further 60 countries.

As a manufacturer of externally monitored products with certificate of conformity, Maurer Söhne is committed to assuring a level of quality that goes beyond normal standards. Our quality management system is certified to DIN ISO 9001 and our environmental management system to DIN ISO 14001.

Maurer Söhne production hall